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Feb 12, 2019

Beatrice is now at the age when it will be determined what faction, or organized group, she will join. After taking a special test, the results point you in the direction you should choose based on your personality, skills, tendencies, etc. For a rare group of people, the test results are inconclusive - they don't fit perfectly in to any one group. They are called divergent. We follow the choice of one such person, Beatrice, or Trice as she will be know going forward. Following her inconclusive test results, she chooses Dauntless, a group of well-trained warriors. Toward the end of the initiation period, she discovers that something is going on - something that will change the course of their civilization as they know it. And she is the target. Why? What is so special about her? By the end of this book, she only begins to realize the path that is laid before her & that the lives of all around her depend on her.
Many people told me I should read this series since I loved the Hunger Games series so much. They were right to recommend this. The 2 series are very similar in many ways. I've only finished book 1 of 3 of the Divergent series, but if you were to ask me now which series I prefer, I can honestly say I don't know yet. There are different things that I like about each of the series. And even though the core of these dystopian series are very, very similar, there is still just enough differences that I need to wait until I'm further into the Divergent series to make a decision.
Age recommendation: 14 & up (death, brutality, intense scenes)
On a scale of 1-10 stars, I give it 10!

Aug 24, 2018

Her voice is not very smoothh but the story is great!

Aug 14, 2018

This was a very interesting book to read. I really enjoyed reading this book but there were just so many questions that were unanswered. The Divergent book collection has three more books in the series, which I have also read. I really love the plot of the book. There are five factions in this book- Abnegation(the selfless), Dauntless(the brave), Erudite(the intelligent), Amity(the peaceful), and Candor(the honest). The main character in this book, Beatrice, is from Abnegation but ends up moving to Dauntless at the choosing ceremony. She goes through many troubles but overcomes her challenges and fear. My favourite character in the book is Four, the dauntless instructor and Beatrice's boyfriend.The reason he is my favourite character is because he is very understanding, supportive, and brave. A part in the book that really shocked me was when Al, one of the other newcomers, committed suicide. Al didn't believe in himself and was failing throughout the Dauntless activities, and that's what caused him to kill himself. That part had an important lesson, always believe in yourself and be brave. I really liked that the author had a well planned story that made perfect sense. There was never a part where I thought the story is all over the place. This book included everything. Suspense, action, mystery, and romance. Although this book was a little too romantic for me at times, I would still recommend reading this book. Rating- 4/5
- @Vanilla of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

Feb 14, 2017

What can I say that hasn't already been said about DIVERGENT? The series has already finished, they've made 3 movies (and allegedly will have a semi-related TV series), and everybody who was going to review it already has, so why did I wait until now to read the first book?

To be honest, it was a roadtrip novel. My husband and I have vastly different reading tastes, and it was one of the only books we were both relatively interested in listening to together. We'd seen the movie, and the book obviously has a lot more detail (much of it gruesome) than was touched on in the film. It made for interesting conversation between the two of us as we listened to it, and it was light enough that if the passenger dozed off, the driver could get them caught up upon waking.

I'm glad that I finally got around to it, and I can use it more accurately in my readers advisory, but have decided to not pursue the rest of the series at this time.

Nov 30, 2016

A dystopian story about a girl in Chicago who feels likes she doesn't fit in.  Yeah, well, there is a reason for that.  She, and others of her kind could be dangerous to the society and that is why they must be killed.  They might also be society's only hope.  Tris cannot ever let anyone find out that she is Divergent. 3.5 Stars
- @bookworm2.1k of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

Jul 10, 2016

I had to read this for a school project and when I picked up the book i was like i am never going to finish this in time. So I listened to it and I loved it! Awesome book!

Jun 02, 2016

good book

trixielab55 Oct 11, 2014

What a Hunger Games rip-off, from the marketing to the story line. How does Roth get away with this?

Aug 15, 2014

I found this to be a fast paced, entertaining book. At times it is like a teen romance, but I found the story and the idea of factions to be original.

Aug 02, 2014

A little earnest in tone, and the character's blind spots seem, well, enormous; but the story is entertaining and the protagonist is both tough and vulnerable. Worth reading, and the audiobook version is very well made.

JCLHopeH Apr 29, 2014

Perhaps I've been listening to too many memoirs and nonfiction books lately because initially I had a hard time accepting the generally one-dimensional characters or the 18-year-old closet-romantic, knight-in-shining-armor boy. However, once I let go and escaped into Roth's dystopian Chicago, I got swept into the story. I'd first seen the movie, which rearranged a few events and skipped over a some interesting tidbits shared in the original novel, but the main plot was the same and very entertaining.

I think Roth intentionally and successfully shows that the characters' over-simplification of each other's qualities inhibits the realization of a richer, more meaningful life. The faction system, while fictional, makes the point that our real-life labels, stereotypes, and prejudices can dangerously neglect the diversity, complexity, beauty, and fun in each individual and group.

Apr 27, 2014

I have read the book twice and have seen the movie like 5 times hahaa....this book is what got me hooked onto this series. If you loved Hunger Games, you will love this one too though they are TOTALLY DIFFERENT STORIES. I am just saying that since there is a female protagonist and its a dystopia and there is a love interest and the stakes are high, it might be your type of book to read. I recommend this to anyone 14 and up.

mayfairlady Mar 11, 2014

I always prefer to read/listen to a book before I see the movie so just got this in under the wire. Good narration.

Aug 01, 2013

Emma Galvin is otherwise a fine narrator for this audiobook, but she cannot pronounce the word "Erudite." (Too bad that it's used so often in the story...)

Apr 28, 2013

I was surprised by how much I loved this. There were a few moments when i wanted to shake Tris, but the story was well thought out and paced. Clear and descriptive, it is an easy and entertaining read that makes you think... if you want to. I definitely recommend it.

savannalovesbooks Dec 04, 2012

Love this book!!!!!!!
Very simular to the Hunger games, but liked this a lot more.
Some intimate content, a fair amount of violence, and lot's of action.
The writing in this book is spectacular and I have looked up books by Veronica Roth because it's so good. You have to have time to read it though, as it is a commitment, but definitely worth it.

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