The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design

Book - 2006
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Baker & Taylor
A non-technical analysis of the controversial culture war over Darwin versus intelligent design states that there is no irrefutable evidence supporting Darwinism and argues that Darwin-based theories that are taught in schools are not fact-based.

Perseus Publishing
Why Darwinism—like Marxism and Freudianism before it—is headed for extinction
In the 1925 Scopes trial, the American Civil Liberties Union sued to allow the teaching of Darwin’s theory of evolution in public schools. Seventy-five years later, in Kitzmiller v. Dover, the ACLU sued to prevent the teaching of an alternative to Darwin’s theory known as "Intelligent Design"—and won. Why did the ACLU turn from defending the free-speech rights of Darwinists to silencing their opponents? Jonathan Wells reveals that, for today’s Darwinists, there may be no other choice: unable to fend off growing challenges from scientists, or to compete with rival theories better adapted to the latest evidence, Darwinism—like Marxism and Freudianism before it—is simply unfit to survive.

Wells begins by explaining the basic tenets of Darwinism, and the evidence both for and against it. He reveals, for instance, that the fossil record, which according to Darwin should be teeming with "transitional" fossils showing the development of one species to the next, so far hasn’t produced a single incontestable example. On the other hand, certain well-documented aspects of the fossil record—such as the Cambrian explosion, in which innumerable new species suddenly appeared fully formed—directly contradict Darwin’s theory. Wells also shows how most of the other "evidence" for evolution— including textbook "icons" such as peppered moths, Darwin’s finches, Haeckel’s embryos, and the Tree of Life—has been exaggerated, distorted . . . and even faked.

Wells then turns to the theory of intelligent design (ID), the idea that some features of the natural world, such as the internal machinery of cells, are too "irreducibly complex" to have resulted from unguided natural processes alone. In clear-cut layman’s language, he reveals the growing evidence for ID coming out of scientific specialties from microbiology to astrophysics. As Wells explains, religion does play a role in the debate over Darwin—though not in the way evolutionists claim. Wells shows how Darwin reasoned that evolution is true because divine creation "must" be false—a theological assumption oddly out of place in a scientific debate. In other words, Darwinists’ materialistic, atheistic assumptions rule out any theories but their own, and account for their willingness to explain away the evidence—or lack of it.

Darwin is an emperor who has no clothes— but it takes a brave man to say so. Jonathan Wells, a microbiologist with two Ph.D.s (from Berkeley and Yale), is that brave man. Most textbooks on evolution are written by Darwinists with an ideological ax to grind. Brave dissidents—qualified scientists—who try to teach or write about intelligent design are silenced and sent to the academic gulag. But fear not: Jonathan Wells is a liberator. He unmasks the truth about Darwinism— why it is wrong and what the real evidence is. He also supplies a revealing list of "Books You’re Not Supposed to Read" (as far as the Darwinists are concerned) and puts at your fingertips all the evidence you need to challenge the most closed-minded Darwinist.

& Taylor

A non-technical analysis of the controversial culture war over Darwin versus intelligent design states that there is no irrefutable evidence supporting Darwinism, argues that Darwin-based theories that are taught in school are not fact-based, and reveals how scientists at major universities believe in intelligent design. Original.

Publisher: Washington, DC : Regnery Publishing ; Lanham, MD : Distributed to the trade by National Book Network, c2006
ISBN: 9781596980136
Characteristics: 273 p. : ill. ; 23 cm


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Mar 22, 2016

The problem with this, and all other books on intelligent design is quite simple to express. Intelligent Design is not science, its arguments and assertions fly in the face of all available physical evidence and it fails even the most basic entry requirements for serious discussion (it has no testable theories, and that is why it is not science). The demands by ID proponents that it be taken seriously is akin to a group of five year old children demands that aviation experts take seriously their hand built cardboard 'flap-i-copter'.

Jan 07, 2014

If one were to be politically correct, that is, ideologically sound, one would characterize the debate between Darwinism and intelligent design as between science and the Bible, between reason and superstition. That is how it is essentially portrayed in the media and by the scientific establishment. Author Jonathan Wells, however, is anything but politically correct. He portrays the debate as a conflict between two views of what is real. On the one side are the Darwinists, protectors of a materialist creation myth which begins with the words "in the beginning were the particles in mindless motion." And on the other side are proponents of intelligent design, most of whom would affirm John chapter one, "in the beginning was the Word." Not all I.D. proponents are Christians, but all are open to the possibility that nature may show the hallmarks not only of natural causes but also of intelligent causes. This is decidedly a politically incorrect point of view, and Wells illustrates the professional cost one may have to incur for holding it. By citing philosopher of science Thomas Kuhn, he shows why the current Darwinian power structure is digging in its heels and refusing to consider evidence that does not comport with its materialist paradigm. But if Kuhn is right, Wells has reason to be confident that even now we are seeing the beginning of a paradigm shift as the last and strongest bastion of nineteenth-century materialism - Darwinism, crumbles before the growing onslaught of the evidence. Darwinism may go down kicking and screaming, but it will go down.

Jan 22, 2013

Gravity -- a theory in crisis!!
For the crushing defeat of the creationist "wedge strategy", watch Judgment Day : Intelligent Design on Trial 2008 DVD 344.748077 DOV JUD about Tammy Kitzmiller, et al. v. Dover Area School District, et al. (400 F. Supp. 2d 707, Docket no. 4cv2688)
Quoting Wikipedia:
described by Dr. Reed A. Cartwright of The Panda's Thumb weblog as being "not only politically incorrect but incorrect in most other ways as well: scientifically, logically, historically, legally, academically, and morally." Cartwright also edited a chapter-by-chapter critique of the book.
“Jonathan Wells gets everything wrong, again”
by PZ Myers, posted October 16, 2009, to Panda’s Thumb
“Jonathan Wells’ weird notions about development”
by PZ Myers, February 2, 2009, to Pharyngula, Science Blogs
entry in Rational Wiki:
earns entry #409 in the Encyclopedia of American Loons


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Mar 22, 2016

rswcove thinks this title is suitable for 18 years and over


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Jan 07, 2014

"One thinks of scientists as calm, intelligent people, perhaps wearing white smocks, who take on questions to which we don't know the answers, think about them carefully, and test various explanations experimentally until they come up with one that solves the problem....But that hasn't been the reaction of the evolutionists to intelligent design at all. They have all but bitten themselves in two trying to drive it straight out of the realm of serious discussion."

- Columnist William Rusher, 2005, quoted on page 205


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