Petits meurtres en famille

Petits meurtres en famille

DVD - 2017 | French
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The mystery begins when chateau owner Simon Le Tescou is found dead in his home - and all of his grown children have motives for murder! Each have come under the lash of Le Tescous cruelty, and each have something to gain from his demise.


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Aug 02, 2017

I’m like an envelope. An envelope made of ice. It might hold the most beautiful messages but it’s empty. Useless.
Hello! Emile Lampion. Superintendent Larosiere’s expecting me.
-You’re the new inspector? … There isn’t much around here.
There are murders, aren’t there?
- Once in a while, sure. A guy stabbed his wife’s lover. Two years ago. But he turned himself in, there wasn’t an investigation.
So, you’re motivated?
-Very motivated, sir. What I want is to learn. And above all, to be in the field. I’m fed up with classes! A good cop wants action.
The first thing a good cop has to have, above all else, is order and rigor.
-Of course, that’s obvious. That’s why the field starts here! Robberies, aggressions, frauds. All the region’s cases are here.
-And the murders?
Murders isn’t a specialty of the region. Oysters yes, but murders…
-What will I be doing?
Classification, Lampion. You take the files, sort them by category, and then classify them.

Aug 02, 2017

I love your brother. For his sense of provocation. He doesn’t care about the rules.
-Or people.
I can’t wait to see what he’s become.
-He’s a professional athlete, and a Communist.
I wonder what a Communist would do to this house. He’d give it to the people.
-Dad, I’m telling you this for your own good. XXYYZZ doesn’t love you. Not you, the castle or the family.
Don't ask questions, obey. That’s all you have to do.
-Obey. That’s the only word you know, huh?
I ‘m trying to make you into a good person.
-Because obeying is good? And if I’m asked to kill a man? What do I do? Obey?
He has to stop manipulating our lives this way. It’s torture! I’m warning you, if you don’t do something, I will.
So does your leg still hurt?
-Especially when it’s cold.
As long as you can kneel before me, that’s the important thing! … I’m joking…. When you get old it’s the little things that keep you going.

Aug 02, 2017

If I’m re-elected, I become part of the minister’s team!
-You think you’re going to hit the jackpot?
-You don’t have what it takes, my poor little boy. Not to enter the government. Nor to take advantage of it. You weren’t even able to give me a grandchild. You know what? You’re just a coward.
You give her (daughter) everything.
-And you, not enough.
As you can see, I’m completely available for these long work days. But maybe you want me to do more.
-No, I know I can count on you, Louise. I wouldn’t want you to get distracted.
I can work at night, if you want. And during lunch! I can stop breathing too, I’ll really save time then. All the inhaling, exhaling, it’s time consuming.
And you? You’re the talk of the castle. “Is he coming?” “He was selected for the 1936 Olympics, he’s a Communist.” And, “He’s a womanizer.” With everything I heard about you, I pictured you red, with horns and a pointy tail.

Aug 02, 2017

Politicians and journalists run the world, without having any real skills. That’s why my sons like those professions. … you do like politics, don’t you?
- Not tonight.
Communists like beautiful sentences.
-The communists? Maybe. … I try to play the part.
You get your ideas across by any means necessary, when you’re lucky enough to be famous. It’s a great way to escape. The best way not to fight, is not to run.
-- Tell me, Pacific Commie, with the intention of not waging war, you let the Germans build up their arms. Now if there’s a conflict, it'll be worse than before.
-Antonin’s right, I’m afraid our Maginot line won’t be enough against Hitler’s tanks.
We’ll do everything to prevent this war.
-Running laps?
Through conviction. Your convictions. Your certainty.
--- How could you still have any? It’s true, you’re not 20 anymore.
Eloi, you’ll dance. Black people dance very well. I mean, amongst others…
- When you see me dance, you’ll change your mind.

Aug 02, 2017

So when love was leaving
We kept this cut glove
A memory that stays
And we’d find it later
When our loves had ended
At the bottom of an old box
Next to yellowed letters
We kept our gloves from long ago
To remember our handcuffs
Now our good friends…
Later our love birds
Became older and stuffed
A closet in their own home
Like a dreamer they’ll open it
Contemplating them
These boots belonged to
To whom I gave my soul…
This one was Denise Sassy blond girl
Countess and the Marquess
Both of them are here
When romances end
At the bottom of an old box

Aug 02, 2017

So? What did Grandpa have to say that was so important?
-Nothing that concerns girls of your age.
Please, don’t talk to me like you’re my father. Young girls are like all women, you know. They don’t want to talk about their age.
-Sorry. I’m not used to it.
To women?
-To manners. What to do and not do.
It’s over. He fired me. It’s over.
-That’s what he said?
I gave up everything for him For his children, for his house! … He’s right to fire me. I’m old. I don’t work like I used to. I can’t see as clearly.
What do you see? You toss oil on the fire and watch it burn?
-I see my reflection, my dear xxyyzzz. It’s simple, my reflection!
Your mother didn’t love anyone. What do you think? Nobody. Nothing! And especially life. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have killed herself.
Why won’t you look at me? Do you want to hit back?
-I hadn’t thought of you in 20 years. I don’t want to get my hands dirty again.

Aug 02, 2017

You mean the murderer didn't escape? He’s still in the house?
- No doubt. Though he did escape, since we don't know who he is. At least, not yet. Notes, take notes! ID’s and personal information of every person present at the time of the murder. Schedules, servants and their records, the family member’s financial situations and the victim’s will. Search the park and the house for the jewels, blood-stained clothes and of course the murder weapon. You have five minutes. (Pause) I’m joking. We’re in a hurry, so we take our time.

Why didn’t you come?
-Because I was married.
Yes, but you said you love me.
-I did.
So why did you stay?
-Because I didn’t have the guts to leave him. He was strong, present… he made plans for us and you…
-You only thought about living intensely, in the moment. That was the only important thing to you. It scared me, I need security. … And he’ll always be there for me.
You’re happy, then?
-I’m very happy.

Aug 02, 2017

If you want my opinion, De Gaulle’s insolent. He should respect the hierarchy rather than denigrate it. Nobody knows who he is and no one will remember him. He’ll be forgotten in less than a decade.
-He’s not just going along. For a military man, he has a kind of ingenuity. Papa would say it’s the mark of a great man to shake established norms.
You are quoting papa now? We don’t need to fear Hitler anyway.
-With what he’s doing in Germany to the Jews and the Communists.
We’re neither Jews nor Communists, are we?
-Ask Ines what Spanish people think of Hitler.

Personally I read the horoscopes in Marie-Claire magazine, I think Hitler’s done.
-If Marie-Claire says so…
See Lampion, even the dead have something to say. Charming and tyrannical. Isn’t that what his eyes say?

Aug 02, 2017

We’re not going to investigate ourselves.
-We’d kill one other.
Tired, Lampion? A good cop’s a cop who sleeps and eats.
I was told to see the pure color of a diamond, you must see it in the northern light and the color of its core would barely change.
Two days ago you had a fight.
-Yes, as father and sons do.
Did you fight often?
-Not at all.
You just said “as fathers and sons do.”
Have you ever killed someone?
-Killed someone? Yes, of course. I don't know anything more enjoyable than killing a man. And when something so enjoyable presents itself, I can’t resist.
… we’ll wait for Mr. XXYYZZ to describe the murder.
-With pleasure. It was a nice summer afternoon…
Mr. XXYYZZ, you might refuse to do the Nazi’s salute before Hitler, but you can’t refuse to answer my questions. Let’s start over.

Aug 02, 2017

I might not be an angel, but I’m no killer.
-“A man’s only a man, capable of all and nothing. He’s neither angel nor brute, but simply a man.”
“And whoever acts the angel, acts the beast.” I didn’t know police could quote Pascal.
-Like him, we study men. Men in their greatness and their misery.
You often quote Superintendent Domergue, so you must know his motto?
-“The huntsman can wait!”
There you go. Thank you, Emile.
What a response. “I’m a surgeon, not a hairdresser.”
Third lesson! Go beyond the facts but take them into account.
You never really know someone.
You were always good in school! You came from the people but you were working hard!
It’s someone who thought about his crime. Someone skilled, intelligent and meticulous.

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Aug 01, 2017

A wealthy but universally hated widower was murdered inside a locked room as all his children came home for his 70th birthday. With 6 hours of drama, there were plenty of time to develop the characters: Inspector Lampion, Superintendent Larosière, the murdered master of the house, each of his sons, grandchildren, a daughter-in-law, one sister and the house staffs, i.e. a whole lot of eclectic personalities that made up the ultra dysfunctional family and their servants. It is the French Hercule Poirot, the rookie Lampion's first murder case and trademark performance to identify the murderer or murderers in front of the usual suspects rounded up in a room. A sexy comedy mystery as good as other French versions of AC, such as "Agatha Christie's criminal games."


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