The 15:17 to Paris

The 15:17 to Paris

DVD - 2018
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Three Americans discover a terrorist plot aboard a train while in France.


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Nov 19, 2018

I am disappointed in the comments that folks have made about this film.
Where are all the accolades that these three young American hero’s deserve?
This isn’t a film designed for entertainment purposes. It’s a story that in the end gives you faith in humanity and makes you proud to be an American.
Kudos to Clint Eastwood for providing this platform of recognition for these men. His purpose was not about the money, i.e. blockbuster.
Sadly, it seems this fact has been lost by many viewers.

Oct 14, 2018

Let me just quote part of an IMDB comment: 'I don't want to disparage these guys in any way, but this movie was just awful. If this is the kind of thing that Clint is doing is his advanced years, he needs to retire."

A few years ago I ran across a couple of movies from the library that were fake -- they were religious propaganda, indicating that some born-again nut was involved in acquiring new movies for the library. I thought this was one of them and quit watching it early. Turns out it was a real movie, just not a popular one.

Oct 02, 2018

Clint Eastwood did an excellent job and the decsion to use the actual people from the events as the actors is brilliant. It brings a whole new appreciation of what happened and how they reacted to it.
Well done!!

Sep 24, 2018

OK, the characters in the film are the people in real life. They aren't trained actors, but I thought Clint Eastwood presented the story in a very good light. The characters moved along in such a way that an even ordinary day was interesting. It was a low key film, not a lot of action, and it takes a good director to do that well. But Clint Eastwood has been directing for years. Long live the real heroes of our world.

Sep 23, 2018

Caution: This movie contains bad acting and a story that could have been told in a 5 minute short film.

Sep 20, 2018

FANTASTIC! I love to watch true stories and this one was extra special considering that most of the actors were played themselves including the ones who were passengers on the train.

Sep 15, 2018

I really liked that the three guys who were thee real life heroes played their own parts. I thought for not being real actors they did a great job. True heroes in every sense of the word.

Sep 08, 2018

Horrible. Script/Horrible. Directing/Horrible. Story/boring. Actors/who knows. It was like watching paint dry

Sep 08, 2018

I work in an office, and annually we have to take training for workplace safety and conduct. This usually comes in the form of in-house produced video skits showing examples of possible situations of workplace no-nos. Watching this movie around the time I was doing this training, I remarked on how similar in quality the two were. Both take real-life people who are actually involved in the real situation, and asks them to play "actor" for a day. Yes, this movie plays like workplace training skit videos.
Even at only about 90 minutes, it amazes how much is totally unnecessary, in both small and large scales. For instance, the entire beginning childhood sequence, which is lengthy, never really pays off later. Then as adults, there are little scenes that are so mundane and uninteresting, like all three of them ordering their gelato flavors at a counter, or an entire phone conversation on video phone, only to hang up and make a *second* call? Why was this deemed worthy to put in the film? Why are we watching him endure a lengthy training montage to get a certain job in the army, only to have him disqualified for that job in half a minute, never to return to it?
For sure, congratulations to the heroes who saved the situation, and I understand Eastwood wanting to promote them, but even the pros involved can't come close to saving this. I can't help but be reminded of Kramer in Seinfeld wanting to play himself in Jerry's pilot.
"But I am me!"
"You can't act!"
Despite being the most natural for the job, everything in this movie comes off as awkward and unnatural. Instead of picking up the amateurs, the pros, like Eastwood and Jenna Fisher and others, unfortunately sink down to their level making this a train wreck.

Sep 03, 2018

For an Eastwood film , it was a disappointment .

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Aug 08, 2018

Can't be sure on accuracy of the translation of Hollande's speech during the French ceremony:

One need only know that Ayoub El Khazzani was in possession of 300 rounds of ammunition and firearms to understand what we narrowly avoided, a tragedy, a massacre...You risked your lives to defend an idea, an idea of liberty, of freedom... Since Friday, the entire world admires your courage, your sangfroid, your spirit of solidarity. This is what allowed you to, with bare hands — your bare hands — to subdue an armed man. This must be an example for all and a source of inspiration... Faced with the evil of terrorism, there is a good, that of humanity. You are the incarnation of that.

Aug 08, 2018

These medications will help them focus, and it would be easier for the boys... If you don't medicate them now, they'll just self-medicate later.
-Do you think this is a good solution? Throwing pills at a problem? Then let's go.
You know, boys of single moms, it's just statistics. But statistically, they are more likely to develop problems.
-My God is bigger than your statistics, so I don't really care what you have to say anymore.
He was talking about how life is catapulting him towards something, like some greater purpose or something like that.
- Spencer said that?


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