This is such a sweet and silly book. It's a nice beginner's chapter book. Little rat is "enchanted" by the violinists she sees when at concerts with her parents, and is so excited to learn how to play. She finds that she doesn't like to practice much, but her determination overcomes her dislike of practicing (with a little help from her parents, a tutor friend and her teacher) and she plays beautifully at the end. I like how at the end of the story after a (surprisingly to her) successful concert, before going to bed that night she picks up her violin - not to play for anyone else, but just to play for herself. The illustrations are vibrant and beautiful.

There are a couple of parts that I edited for my three year old- when little rat is frustrated and shouts "This is stupid!" I have her say "I'm so frustrated!" :) It's a good book to teach how it can be frustrating to practice something, but the rewards can be worth it.

My three year old daughter loves this book.

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