Omens A Cainsville Novel By Armstrong, Kelley Book - 2013

Olivia Jones is from a wealthy family. With her father gone she follows in her mother's footsteps. She immerses herself in philanthropy. And of course there is James. Her equally rich boyfriend. Just as she is sorting through his ambition to become senator and her desire to finish school, she learns she is adopted.

She is actually the only daughter of the Larson's. A child of serial killers. The mother and father duo were tried individually and convicted in the deaths of 8 people. Now they served consecutive life sentences in prison. Pamela Larson publicizes the reunion she desires with Olivia. With all the eyes of Chicago looking for her, Olivia bolts.

First she finds her way to a few bad motels and then to Cainsville. It's a very small town. Mostly the retired sort it seemed. Gargoyles were perched and hidden all over town. Although she couldn't quite figure it out, she knew something was a little different here.

Olivia connects with a shady attorney and together they chase evidence, clues and a few bad guys. Determined to find out if the Larson couple is innocent or guilty. She may even learn a thing or two about herself. About the parents she didn't know she had.

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