Yeeeeeeeeah...that felt like a special kind of pointless.

Not the usual kind of pointless, wherein two different groups of superheroes fight each other over a misunderstanding or somesuch but then at the end of the story things go back to being exactly as they were. Because, like it or lump it, "this changes everything."

No, this was the kind of pointless where one repeatedly questions why the story was plotted out quite the way it was, and also where one asks oneself: "am I even enjoying this?" an awful lot before it all just sort of ends.

Still, due credit to some of the writers and some of the artists for some memorable panels and repartée. But, on the whole, just an OK slog for a sleepy Sunday afternoon, which I will do my best to try and forget about as I read Avengers and X-Men titles moving forward.

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