Tons of quotes posted at imdb but not these yet. Hard to find quotes without excess profanity:

Jerry: Now, what does N.W.A. stand for, huh? No Whites Allowed? Something like that?
Eazy-E: Nah. Niggaz With Attitude.
Jerry: I'll buy that.
1580 KDAY. ... This is Greg Mack of the Mack Attack. I gotta tell you, you are witnessing history. LA's first super group, N.W.A., with their new album Straight Outta Compton, and they're taking
the nation by storm.
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Reporter: How do you explain inciting a riot in Detroit? What do you have to say about that?
Ice Cube: I have to say that, uh, we didn't incite that shit. Right. Y'all just got a snapshot of how Americans really feel. We gave the people a voice. We gave the people truth.

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