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Reporter: Yeah, but your songs, they glamorize the lifestyle of gangs, guns, drugs.
Ice Cube: Our art is a reflection of our reality. What you see when you go outside your door? I know what I see. And it ain't glamorous. We get AKs from Russia and cocaine from Colombia. And ain't none of us got a passport, so... Yeah. Might wanna check the source. Next question.
Reporter: Will you be more careful about what you say, how you say it?
Ice Cube: No. Probably not, no. Freedom of speech includes rap music, right? Well, we exercising our first amendment as far as I'm concerned. And the government wrote that.
Reporter: So, Cube, what's a guy from Compton do when he starts making real money like this? Cube?
Ice Cube: Buy Raider gear. And curl activator. Next Question.

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