Tons of quotes posted at imdb but not these yet. Hard to find quotes without excess profanity:
Cop: Sir, stay right there, please. We're trying to check these bangers, make sure they're clean.
Jerry: I'm sorry. These are not bangers. Okay? These are artists.
Cop: Excuse me? Artists?
Jerry: Yeah.
Cop: What kind of artists?
Jerry: Rappers. And they're working with me in the studio right now.
Cop: Well, see, rap is not an art. ... These clients of yours, these rappers, they look like gang members.
Jerry: You can't come down here and arrest people just because of what they look like. What, are you crazy? That's police harassment.
Cop: You said you're a manager, right?
Jerry: Yeah.
Cop: Not a fxxkin' lawyer.
Jerry: Does that matter? You cannot come down here and harass these guys... because they're black! People have rights!
Cop: Step back!
Jerry: I'll step back, you let them up. Get up, guys. Come on. Eric!
Cop: You don't tell them to get up. We will decide that.

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