A story of the life of a young becoming writer in New York. Bound to become the next successful writer. But "nobody looks like what they are on the inside" perfectly describes Esther Greenwood, there is more she doesn’t show.
I wouldn’t pick up this book were it not for my high school English assignment. I felt sadness, it describes depressed and suicidal thoughts but it is not gory, it goes into detail enough for the reader to get a feeling. Part of my family has a background of varying mental illnesses. I have an idea of what it feels like and the fact that Plath herself committed suicide made this book more significant. Plath did not plan for her book to be published in America, she feared people would recognize the characters, she kept some of their real names. A biography and a novel at the same time. She must have had similar feelings and experiences.
This book is a great view of someone who has mental illnesses. It’s short, easy language, and in some ways I found it relatable. It isn’t overwhelming. Also, the Bell Jar is a metaphor for how Esther feels. She feels stuck in her own head unable to escape thoughts of self doubt and dejection - trapped.
The Bell Jar is a classic. Unique in its time, it explores how society views a woman, mental illness and treatment. Rating: 4/5
@TreeHugger of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

The Bell Jar is a novel by the famous poet, Sylvia Plath, but originally published under the pseudonym "Victoria Lucas" in 1963. The story is based on Plath’s personal experiences following the character Esther Greenwood who is an aspiring writer, who is uncertain in her place in the world. Esther’s mental health slowly deteriorates over the course of the book leaving her neurotic and suicidal, until one day her mental plague is unbearable and she makes an almost tragic action leaving her hospitalized. I would recommend this book because Plath is an extremely intelligent writer and tells her story beautifully.
@GoosReviews of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

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