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This is my favorite book of all time. And that's making a massive statement as I’m an avid reader and have read at least a hundred books in my lifetime. Its writing is done beautifully, every character has their quirks and is extremely likable, and is such a thrilling and engaging book. Every scene, you feel invested in the plot and the characters. Everything about this book just works well and feels well thought out. I may not be able to explain why it’s my favorite book, but I can explain the charm that comes with this book.
As mentioned before, every character has their own distinct personality. The book switches the point of view every chapter, which allows the reader to learn more about a certain character. When the book switches the perspective, it continues from where the story left off which helps to continue the narrative interestingly. The characters are so different from one another and the relationships between those characters are some of the most interesting parts in the story. All the characters are dysfunctional in one way or another, but they all work together in their own way. It feels like a dysfunctional family. While it is a flawed family, it’s a family nonetheless.
Because all the characters are so likable, you feel completely invested in every scene. You care about what will happen to the characters and feel excited to see what will happen next. The plot is entertaining and is never too dry or boring. It moves at a perfect pace, explaining when it needs to and introduces you to its world perfectly. It’s an interesting concept to have a story set in 2380, and imagine the technology at that time. The story brings you into this world, and while it does fall into the trope of having a character who's new to everything in this world, it helps flesh out the world. The plot also feels very well done and overall this book is just such a thrilling and investing read.
I would recommend this book to anyone who wants any type of book recommendation. It’s such a fantastic book and anyone can enjoy it. I’m usually not the greatest fan of science fiction books, but this got me so invested in the story and I loved every word of this masterpiece. This book just sits right with me and gives me so much joy. I have re-read it several times and I honestly don’t think I’ll ever become tired of reading it. I would pick up this book when you have the chance because it’s just such an exceptional work of fiction.

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