Hitchcock Truffaut DVD - 2016

Very interesting doc film based on an important textbook/bible-like/inspiration source book in the film director community about the film artistry of Alfred Hitchcock. Like many good biographies, this flick reveals the key ingredients that created the filmmaker named Alfred then dives more deeply into his area of mastery...here that's filmcraft.

Learning about Hitchcock's non-linear pathway to being a film director -- trained as an engineer, worked in advertising, then in various gigs within the making of silent films until he was asked to direct a his first film at the ripe age of 23. He went on to direct Britain's first "talkie" motion picture. This background combined with "I'm completely visual" and being the first director to have the courage to "be himself" set the stage for his leading edge story telling and filmmaking techniques.

I want to read the 1966 book by Francois Truffaut...and revisit some Hitchcock films like Vertigo to view them with a more appreciative eye. Provoking interest in digging deeper and broader as a result of a biography (film or book) = success in my "book". Enjoy!

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