Goodbye, Things
Goodbye, Things The New Japanese Minimalism By Sasaki, Fumio Book - 2017

I have read several of the recently popular tomes on minimalism, and this one has been my favorite so far. Don't be intimidated by the photo examples at the beginning of the book! They display several examples of minimalist, Japanese dwellings, all of which were a step beyond - or several, massive steps beyond - what I aspire to. I found it helpful to view them and see how they made me feel, and they definitely made me feel peaceful and a little jealous. I feel the advise in this book, for me, was more accessible than the "spark joy" method from Kondo - although her folding techniques are AWESOME. It is also sectioned into small tidbits, so it was easy and delightful to read. Some of the bits didn't necessarily strike a cord with me, but many presented either a new perspective or an important question to ask myself. I feel this is similar to the advice, sentiments and challenges offered by The Minimalists, but, again, I preferred the format of this book. Like Kondo, Sasaki concurs that minimalism creates a different space and life for everyone. So, again, don't get intimidated by the photos at the beginning! I am assuming that is why the description calls this book (or Sasaki) "Marie Kondo on crack." Haha!

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