Smitten Kitchen Every Day
Smitten Kitchen Every Day Triumphant and Unfussy New Favorites By Perelman, Deb Book - 2017

I checked out Smitten Kitchen Every Day from our wonderful King County Library System. I confess I have never read (watched??) The Smitten Kitchen, but my dear sister is a fan so I expected to love this book. I did not.

I feel Smitten Kitchen Every Day is just too pretentious by half. I absolutely believe she makes these recipes for her lovely family, but there are a grand total of three that caught my interest.

The cover claims "triumphant & unfussy new favorites". There is nothing unfussy (kale dusted pecorino popcorn?) about these recipes, nor this cookbook. Frankly, I am not even familiar with many of the ingredients in the recipes... Fregola? Halloumi? I had to look them up... and heaven only knows where I would buy them in the 'country' suburbs. Whole Foods is 40 miles away!

The dessert and baked goods sections are ... interesting but surprisingly pedestrian considering the rest of the cookbook.

The authors introduction to each recipe lost its shine about 10 recipes in. Then it started to be tedious and predictable. I would rather have the recipe printed on one single page rather than spread over several pages because of the authors need to explain her triumphs. The pictures however are gorgeous.

2.5 stars.

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