Kung fu yoga
Kung fu yoga Blu-ray Disc - 2017 | Chinese

"Heart, mind, energy merge to become 3 internal unions” 心與意合 意與氣合 氣與力合 為內三合
"Fist & foot, elbow & knee, shoulder & hip merge as 3 external unions." 拳與足合 肘與膝合 肩與胯合 為外三合
"Avoid long-range raids and attack only within striking distance." 遠不發手
捶打以五尺以內 三尺以外
"Hit where needed without forewarning." 發手以得人為準 以不見形為妙
"When upper body moves, the lower echoes." 上欲動而下自隨之
"Upper body moves..." 上欲動…
"When lower body moves, the upper leads." 下欲動而上自領之
"When upper and lower bodies move, waist moves forward." 上下動中節攻之
"When waist moves, the upper and lower bodies conform." 中節動上下和之
"Let your body and the environment be one." 內外相連 前後相需
"Strike with accuracy." 出手要準
"Move with swiftness." 手腳要活
"Hit the throat above and the groin below." 上打咽喉 下打陰
"Ten feet ahead is not too far to strike." 前打一丈不為遠
"A close hit..." 近者只在…
"...is within an inch." …一寸間

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