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Here We Are
Here We Are Notes for Living on Planet Earth By Jeffers, Oliver Book - 2017

A perfect book, dedicated to Jeffers' newborn son, and digestible by all...

What would you tell a newborn or an extra-terrestrial (same thing) about life as Earth Human? And in 500 words or less. Jeffers pulls it off flawlessly. First, what is Earth relative to the universe? What is the physical Earth made of? What kinds of creatures live on Earth and what are they made of? How do those creatures interact with each other?

Using short, candid sentences – readable by most 2nd graders – Jeffers touches on all these questions. The immediately appealing pages are covered in his unique drawing and painting style. Some pages are filled with colourful sky, or of stars and planets. Other pages offer little readers lots of the ol', ‘which one do you want to be?’ with their catalogue-like display of different people types, animals, buildings, fish, and so on.

In the first 3 pages, we’re zoomed way out to view our blue planet from space. Our place in the universe – a concept that can turn us all into sniffling little babies - fragile and dependent on the love and aid of others. Finally, after bringing us back down to Earth and introducing us to our fellow creatures, Jeffers concludes with, “if you need to know anything else…just ask. You’re never alone on Earth.”

It's just great!

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