Bad Blood
Bad Blood Secrets and Lies in A Silicon Valley Startup By Carreyrou, John Book - 2018

My daughter suggested that I read the book. She said that it was a fascinating story of how people (in high places) can be duped.

It flows well, but I got very upset by how the main character, the charismatic, probably sociopathic founder of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, was able to fool so many people, harming people emotionally and physically. I found I could not read it at night, as it was hard to go to sleep.

It tells of Holmes' childhood, how bright she was and how she was driven, at first to be rich and powerful, but early on also to help people with medical needs. The author carefully researched the company, in spite of secrecy surrounding the company, and threats when he tried to interview people.

It's a powerful, well-documented book and is very frightening how the company was able to stay in business for so long.

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