The Lost Sisters
The Lost Sisters The Folk of the Air Series, Book 1.5 By Black, Holly eBook - 2018

Reading the synopsis for this made me think it was going to be more of a letter from Taryn to Jude, but it felt to me like Taryn telling her side of the story squished into the frame of semi-apologizing to Jude. It's too short to add much depth to the already great novel, so this is more like good-to-know behind-the-scenes info for fans. I loved the story about Mr. Fox in the beginning. It's such a gory opening that seems more appropriate for sword-swinging Jude. While I've always identified with Jude's anger and bitterness, I feel like in reality I act like Taryn, always trying to please people and never wanting to hurt anyone but actually being a terrible person...

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