Down the Rabbit Hole
Down the Rabbit Hole Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of A Former Playboy Bunny By Madison, Holly Book - 2015

Former Playboy Bunny and ex-Hefner squeeze, Holly Madison (aka. Holly Cullen) kills me - She gives the title to her "tell-all" tales as "Down The Rabbit Hole" and then she has the audacity to actually start off each chapter with a quote lifted directly from author, Lewis Carroll's book "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland". (Oh!? Really!??)

I guess that Holly fancies herself as being something of a modern-day "Alice" - Except, of course - Holly didn't go down the rabbit hole - No - Instead - She went down on Hefner's viagra-stiff phallus. (Yep. One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small)

At the sweet, fresh, and virginal age of 18 - Holly (switching from brunette to blond) got it into her calculating, little head to do some serious gold-digging.

And, where did Holly go to do her "prospecting"? - Why the Playboy Mansion, of course.

But, before long all of the fun and games in this playboyland paradise hit a mighty sour note. Indeed. And, sure enough, Holly was being shown the exit door in no uncertain terms.

And, I ask you - Do these sex-capades of Holly's sound like the kinds of activities that would run in parallel with Alice's trip down the rabbit hole? I think not. But, I guess to Holly it all does (just follow the yellow brick road).

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