In Until the Mountains Fall, Cossette picks up the narrative with Malachi and Rivkah. Torn apart by a tumultuous young adulthood, Rivkah is left feeling resentful and used after the sudden death of her husband, a man who, despite his kindness, could not capture her heart. When her father insists that Rivkah join in a levirate marriage by marrying her husband's younger brother, since her all-too-short marriage resulted in no heir. Rivkah is determined to avoid the marriage, but Malachi is just as determined to prove his worth to her. With war on the horizon, will their own insecurities lead to the downfall of not just their potential marriage but their family and people?
The third of Cossette's fantastic series continues to weave an epic multi-generational biblical drama. Each book continues the story of one member of the family formed in the first book, while at the same time building and developing on the characters from the previous books. Cossette truly has a talent for weaving together suspense, faith, history, and romance into one irresistible story that leaves you feeling not only satisfied but inspired. I honestly can't think of anything wrong with this book. Well-researched, well-written, well-paced, and even the cover is beautiful!
Do I really have to wait until March to read the next one in the series???

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