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EmilyEm made a comment Dec 12 2018
"Allie Rowbottom tells her mother’s and grandmother’s cancer-filled stories, stories she feels shed light on women’s roles from the turn of the 20th century to current times. Rowbottom’s memoir left me both intrigued and repelled. Intrigued by h..." Permalink
EmilyEm rated a title Dec 12 2018
EmilyEm made a comment Dec 11 2018
"Chief Inspector Gamache finds himself along with fellow villager Myrna one of three executors to the will of a recently deceased woman who called herself The Baroness. He is also dealing with the fallout and suspension from actions at the conclusi..." Permalink
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Dec 11 2018
"The same wonderful cast of residents of Three Pines, plus assorted criminals and other miscreants. I like the way Penny writes, but I found this plot rather convoluted. Perhaps because I am such a financial idiot it was over my head in many areas." Permalink
EmilyEm rated a title Dec 11 2018
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