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Check out these Paul Newman flicks

""Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" came out in theaters on September 23, 1969. It was one of the most popular Paul Newman movies ever. Here's a list of more movies Paul made in his prolific career."
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"Because I love music, I read this book and loved it. Because I read this book, I found Symphony no. 8 in B-minor by Schubert and fell in love with a new piece of music. Read this book because...!" Permalink
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Jun 14 2019
"Released in 1974 - This big-budget catastrophe flick, produced by Irwin Allen, won an Oscar in each of the following categories - Cinematography, Editing, and Best Song ("We May Never Love Like This Again"). "The Towering Inferno..." Permalink
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DVD - 2015
"A very fun and interesting documentary about one of the greatest Hollywood actors ever. He was not only a great actor, he was also a pretty darn good car racer, entrepreneur, and human being. He created a salad dressing, turned it into a company, ..." Permalink
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