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EmilyA_KCMO created a list Aug 21 2021
General Recommendations

Eisner Awards

"Sure, we all know Maus and Watchmen are award winning graphic novels. But what about in the last couple of years? These books are recent Eisner award winners and nominees. The Eisner Awards recognize some of the best art, lettering, writing, autho..."
EmilyA_KCMO created a list May 25 2021
Topic Guide

Happy Little Trees

"Landscape painting and drawing for all! Handy how-tos and the inspiration to get you motivated. Let's pick up some pens and paint and get out into the world!"
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Jul 24 2018

Cool World

DVD - 2003
"Tedious, and by at least today's standards, very poorly executed. I suspect that it was supposed to be kind of a hot adult entertainment at the time. One can't help but wonder what this film would have been like if it was made today. You won't..." Permalink
EmilyA_KCMO created a list Jul 08 2018
General Recommendations

Art is Work

"The business of being an artist can be complicated. From figuring out how to get your name out there, to organizing your time, to the dreaded and dreadful freelancer taxes."
EmilyA_KCMO created a list Mar 11 2018
If You Liked ...

The Lord of the Rings

"All of these works (really, all of them!) were inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien."
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