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Feb 25, 2021mwojewnik rated this title 2.5 out of 5 stars
Out of eight Bridgerton's siblings love stories this one falls flat, mainly because of the way the leading characters and their motives are portrayed. It is hard to believe, that any man in any era would be driven so badly by hatred mixed with denial of his own happiness only. But once he finds the true love against his own wishes he is content and transformed forever - really..?? Also, it is quite tiresome to discover, that almost ALL of Quinn's male heroes are made of pretty same template...At least physically. What happened to all these unfortunate men who are less than 6 feet tall ? In none of these books is explained how the Bridgerton family became so powerful and popular without the significant fortune or political influence and how the members of the "ton" can afford to maintain their lifestyle on a certain level. Eight siblings of the Viscount family and except for the youngest brother all of them are well off including their Mother... How was that possible...?? Jane Austen would certainly elaborate on the subject. Netflix series is much more interesting despite being tasteless in depicting so many steamy sex scenes sometimes in the most absurd and impossible surroundings. Julia Quinn is the successful writer, but she is NOT the "modern Jane Austen". Keeping that in mind will help the Reader to get thru these books. The most generous ratings is 2.25 stars out of 5 - for the good effort.