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Apr 07, 2021LoganLib_Sheridan rated this title 3.5 out of 5 stars
After watching the Netflix show this book (which I got for free on audible!) just seemed to go so quick! It definitely had the same feel and tone though. This book is also firmly in the romance genre so don't go anything expecting anything different and you won't be angry or disappointed. I think the historical nature of it meant it didn't have to be so logical for me so I didn't have that frustration. There was still a bit of unnecessary lack of communication that frustrated me a bit but more so looking back on it. I loved the use of the fake dating trope though I found Daphne's use of having four brothers as an excuse for knowledge to be excessive and annoying. Any woman who has brothers bases their knowledge of men on them and their father but it doesn't make them an expert. In saying that I loved Daphne's family, mostly their relationships with each other. I felt it was a lot better than the netflix show. Though anyone with brothers knows that relationship was slightly idealised maybe. Though who knows if we were in that period of history my brother might gallantly protect my virtue to (hah!). *** SPOILER/TRIGGER WARNING *** Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault/Rape There is a scene in this book where Daphne rapes Simon which is absolutely not okay. He's very much into the sex but he is intoxicated and does not agree to having children and Daphne very much knows this and should not have initiated sexual intercourse with him. I honestly the book would have been more romantic if they'd just talked out it out or had a dramatic fight about it (which they definitely could have had without the rape) and then come back together after realising they missed each other and it wasn't worth fighting about.