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Aug 03, 2021
I think it’s really cool that we never outgrow our curiosity about the world. Whether we like to hike, garden, watch nature documentaries or YouTube videos – we all seem to want to know more . I was thrilled to happen upon The Night Flower written and illustrated by Lara Hawthorne in the children’s non-fiction area. I don’t know very much about the desert and knew nothing about the saguaro cactus. With the illustrations bursting with color and inviting rhyming text - I was intrigued right from the start. A flower that only blooms one night a year? And all the animals can sense when it’s going to happen? I learned, as the sun sets the partygoers begin to arrive. Bats start to swoop, foxes and mice start to gather. Owls fly close. And then it happens. The flower opens it’s petals and the once quiet dessert is transformed into festival of sound and color as creatures from miles around come to take part in this yearly miracle. What a magical story! The fact that it is all true is truly amazing and causes me to ask: what other enchantments does earth have for us to discover? I can’t wait to keep finding out.